God is Emmanuel…God with us. This is the time of year we celebrate Him coming to earth to be with us. We’ve experienced more of God’s presence in the past few months than I can ever remember. May you feel His presence with you every day.

Update: we’re home, working on eating and getting strong again. God has put a fighters heart in this girl. She comes home tired, worn, in pain but not defeated. This Christmas is a bit different but as we've begun to realize, be grateful for each day and each celebration. We even had some friends and family come carol in front of our house. ❤️Grace definitely loved it and giggled and smiled.

Final thought: each year we try to focus on different words. One word I was focusing on was healing. We’ve gotten to see this first hand. Not what I had envisioned at the onset of 2021, but still miraculous and awe inspiring. 2022 we’re still praying what word will be our focus but as we reflect we see God’s goodness and healing in so many ways. We see it in every face of our friends and family. We see it in the nursing staff and friends we have made at nationwide. We are Overwhelmed by everyone’s support. Thank you all. You have been God’s goodness. God thank you for sending Jesus and thank You for being with us.


From our family to yours Merry Christmas!!

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