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God is good through it all

God is so good.  The Bible says that He cares about the hairs on our heads, the sparrows flying around and He made the stars.  If He did all that, doesn’t that mean He cares for all of our worries and concerns?

Update:  it’s been about 3 months so we were due to make the trip down to nationwide for our 6 month post treatment scans.  We made the 127 mile trip from our door to Nationwide Childrens yesterday.  We got the ALL CLEAR.  🥳🥳🥳 Grace is amazing the doctors and providers at Nationwide with how she looks and how she’s doing.  They used the words “great, healthy and phenomenal”.  We even got to see some friends from the 12th floor (Kayla and Katie!!).  We gave hugs and stink eyes😂.  Being there feels like we are back with some of our family.

Final thought:  A lot has happened the past couple of months.  I want to highlight a few.  Grace got her port out and started her vaccines for childhood which is a sign that she’s ready to be back in the community again!   She has gotten plenty of socialization prior to that thanks to siblings and cousins but she was pumped to be back at church and be able to go out and about with more freedom.  The smiles on her face are more precious than gold.

Dave, maybe in a moment of insanity😂😂, decided to run and form a team for the Nationwide Childrens Marathon this past weekend.  Thank you to the donors who raised over 1000$ for the hospital.  Also thank you to our friends and family who battled foot problems/back problems/asthma and the cold to come and run for our team (miracle Nate and Gracie).   Watching people cross that line was such a great reminder of the race we have run but also of the one we continue to run as Christians.  We press toward that mark despite feeling like our legs won’t carry us.  We remember to trust in the Lord when it feels like mile 8 could be our last.  Running past the hospital was an emotional experience as it’s a milestone in our earthly journey.  We pray many souls experience healing and freedom on this earth.

We are going to be with the bghs cheerleaders for tonight’s game as they honor Gracie.  They did this last year but grace was in chemo and couldn’t come, now she’s coming with pom poms and spice:).

Graces progression is a true testament to the Lord in her birth and in her cancer journey.

God is so good.  We are grateful for each day, each battle, each victory, each defeat.  We’ve learned some of our greatest lessons through this.

Love you all!

Hebrews 12:1


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