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God is good He is timeless

God is so good that He takes care of the worries of tomorrow. The Bible tells us that the Lord has been and always will be. When we think of life and the moments we have, we worry about our time. God said He takes care of even the sparrows and the hairs on our heads. We can't change tomorrow by worrying, so we give God our todays.

Update: Grace got to spend thanksgiving with family this year which may sound awful to some people who have a tough time with their family or dread the gatherings, but to us, it's a sign of healing and Gods grace to give us another day. She has been doing well with her eye after surgery and has gained plenty of weight back.

Final thought: there's a song I heard recently that talks about measuring a year. 525,600 minutes...525,000 moments in the year. This past year we have spent some of the most special moments. We have been given joy, peace and contentment in knowing the God's plans for our family are bigger than we can know. I have spent some of my 525,600 minutes in worrying but that in turn has led me to Jesus and the foot of His cross. Reflecting on this year brings me joy to know that I have gotten to walk through a very tough season with Jesus by my side and witnessing the strength of my family and some other friends who have had some hard things hit them. I continue to hold on to Nehemiah 8:10. Joy in the Lord gives us strength to face the world and all the hard things. Love you all!

Nehemiah 8:10 The joy of the Lord is my strength.

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