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God is so good. He is victorious.

God is so good.  The Bible spells out the game plan…spoiler alert:  He wins.  He plans and has good for us.  Doesn’t mean life will be perfect or always great, but God will take bad and make it good, hand it to Him!

Update:  Today is the 3 month scan day!  She has been doing soooo well.  Every smile, step, word, sass and day is a gift with this girl and her brothers.

Final thought:   It’s been a year exactly.  A year since the 230 AM visit to the ER followed by her first helicopter ride.  A year since hearing the “c” word.  A year since We took a day for granted. Our story changed.  Our lives changed.  Our mission changed.  God’s goodness is at the forefront of our minds now instead of the backs.  He has taken something that could’ve changed us into victims and made us victorious through Him.

We went to a group focused on making a family mission portrait/statement.  I will post a picture with this.  That night I realized a few things. We are to call out the greatness God has placed on peoples lives (their callings—like the sermon at church said yesterday).  We are to speak of God’s goodness.  We are out here to show that God is the victor.  Is cancer good?  No, but the story that comes when we let God handle the cancer is awe inspiring and miraculous.  The people we’ve met, the community that’s surrounded us and the amount of provision God has provided is humbling.  God is so good!

Romans 12


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