God is great

God is good and God is great. He is greatly to be praised. He has great might and power and love and mercy.

Update: Grace is remaining tough and strong. Her counts are beginning to drop and so some nausea and pain are starting. She is handling everything better than we could’ve hoped and everyone has been so attentive to her needs. Yesterday Grace was blessed with some Christmas lights and window clings for her room from a former patient. These brightened her day and help things feel more festive. Also, the bell (the one you get to ring when you get done with chemo) was out on the floor here… what a great, positive, exciting sight to see!!!

Final Thought: God is good but He is also great! His greatness is far beyond what we can fathom. The good news is He is great enough to do anything, far beyond what we can ask or imagine!

Ephesians 1:18-19

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