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God is good, you are LOVED!

God is so good. His love for us never goes away, never fails or and it doesn’t give up.

Update: Still waiting on Gracie’s ANC to come back in. She’s been doing okay with the meds and symptoms. Just trying to keep her active as much as she’ll tolerate it. We are loving craft time with lots of projects we’ve gotten from friends and the hospital. Overall she’s so strong. God is good.

Final thought: Many, many times throughout the chemo treatments and in life in general, emotions and feelings have a way of going up and down. One consistent thing I continue to try to hold on to it gratitude for the love of God. He loves me enough to send His son to die on the cross. He loves me enough to be patient with me. He loves me enough to be kind. He loves me enough to show me His goodness through this life. The least I can do is pass that love on. I’m so grateful to know the creator of the universe loves me and every good things comes from Him. Thank you all

for Loving us too.

1 Corinthians 13


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