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God is good, we get a today

God is so good. The Bible says the Lord knits us together in our mother’s wombs and makes us fearfully and wonderfully. He knows the days we have.

update: it’s been a while, so first, hello again! We have been out of treatment since March trying to give Gracie girl recovery as well as our family. I have detached from technology as much as possible. Grace has been getting stronger and has struck the eating groove. We’ve been extremely blessed to be home. She is going to have some scans in a couple of weeks for her 3 month remission check. All that to say God is good, we get another day.

Ending thought: this post was spurred on by a couple of things. First, I am awake at 12:33 am…those of you who know me, know we run a senior citizen schedule typically and I’m three hours overdue on my bedtime…1. because of baseball 2. Because I’m reflecting on the year. There are so many emotions that are surfacing. One is gratitude, others include: shock, peace, fear, confusion and joy. I was letting the fear kick in too much when I heard the Lord say “you are too focused on asking for more days with your kids. When you do that, you aren't presently enjoying the one youre in right now”. Okay Lord, thank You for that. We should always be focused on joy for the present and gratitude for the past. Life hasn’t been pretty but we choose to be victors rather than victims.

Psalm 139:14

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