God is good through the night

God is so good. His goodness doesn’t go away when life has hard times or it seems like there’s darkness all around. His goodness is the light!

Update: Gracie girl has been getting better and better. We are set to go to the side called BMT after Thanksgiving to start the second half of chemo. One of the sweetest, biggest blessings we’ve had is having people celebrate with us about the news. We’ve run into fellows, residents, other people on the team and they all give us a hug or high five. Nate had his surgery yesterday that we’ve been working towards for the past 3 years. His behavior and demeanor was excellent coming into the hospital. The surgery lasted 9 hours. He did have a little complication (fluid on the lungs from getting Too much in surgery). This was corrected and taken care very well by the ICU team. God worked and moved and Nate went from bipap to not needing extra oxygen within 6 hours. He‘s so strong. God’s got big plans for this kid.

God is moving!

Final thought: Dave and I are overwhelmed and humbled by the Lord. We get to witness healing and miracles. Like the people that lived in Jesus’ day, seeing the miracles and being a part of the miracle brings extra joy and faith. The flip side is being joyful and having faith through the dark times too which God has given us. He is good!

My Oma passed away 11/5/2021. The fact that it was hard to say goodbye spoke to how hard and sweet she loved. I will miss her but I know God’s given us such a great example through her.

we love you guys!

Philippians 4:19

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