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God is good, last round!!!!!

God is so good. He is eternal, unchanging, omnipresent and compassionate.

update: We’re back up at nationwide today for our last bone marrow transplant round and…..drum roll please…..our last round. She gets chemo two days in a row, two days rest then bone marrow transplant Tuesday. Then it’s treat side effects. Get her eating. Get her stronger. Do testing at the end of the round to check for continued remission. She is a champ. She desperately wants to see friends so we will be thrilled when her immune system is back to normal.

Final thoughts: there are soo many emotions we’ve been through but the overriding one we keep going back to is gratitude. Gratitude that God gives us grace and gave us our Grace. There will be purpose in this. There will be victory. We want to see people find Jesus and see revivals in homes, communities, cities, countries, etc. All of this is ONLY to the glory of God. We are nothing without Him.

Song of the day: Promises by Maverick City

Genesis 1:27

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