God is good in the celebrations

God is so good and enjoys to celebrate with us! The Bible tells us that He rejoices over us with singing. God loves a good old fashioned karaoke about how much He loves us!

Update: Grace is day 10 post transplant and we had a brief dance party with the nurse around 2 am when we heard she has an anc (her bone marrow is starting to kick back in🥳). Our nurses these past couple of weeks have been amazing. We celebrate good days and work through the bad. Plan will be once she has a certain level of an anc, she can go home and next cycle will start 1/7/2022.

I’m copying the link to my father in laws blog…but just a brief synopsis, Madison Christian church donated 47 units (check my math) of blood on Tuesday!!!! You guys, this brings tears to Our eyes. Thank you so much!! https://www.madisonchristian.org/a-sincere-thank-you/

Ending thought: I know Christmas season can be hard for some who have lost family or are just having a hard year/time. I promise I don’t say this lightly, I say this because I am living it, let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Have joy in this season and when there are moments you feel down, thank the Lord for what He’s doing, what He’s done and know He’s with you. Have a karaoke/dance party of praise music. I promise you’ll get a smile from it.

Nehemiah 8:10❤️

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