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God is good, His love is unconditional

God is good. His love is not based upon what we do or who we are.

Update: We are home! We are still working on ending little Miss Gracie’s hunger strike. She Doesn’t even realize the embarrassment of riches at her disposal when it comes to food. If she said she wanted chick fil a…done. If she said she wanted filet mignon…done. But nope. Despite that she’s sooo happy to be home. We are starting to plan for the next cycle because….drum roll…’s her last one!!!!! If her testing shows continued remission, we’re done with chemo!!! We plan to party with the nurses and staff on the 12th floor at nationwide throughout the next round meaning, donuts, pizza, and for Gracie lots of fun games and surprises. God is good, we are going to celebrate Him walking with us and through this with us.

Ending thought: Gods love is unconditional and one thing that reminds me of this is when I get to truly worship…the worship that leaves goosebumps, hands raised, tears streaming and being on my knees. The Bible says people built altars where God met them (Jacob at Bethel being one example). Seems crazy to reflect back on this journey but one place I remember God meeting me was in the ICU after Graces surgery. Gods goodness has always been present but that moment I truly experienced it. I pray you can remember times like that and experience more and more of those times in your lives.

Psalm 51

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