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God is good. He is the ultimate sacrifice.

God is so good. Today we remember the ultimate sacrifice He made. The walk He made to the hill where the cross sat. The names, the faces, he saw and heard as He made that walk. My name, my face. Your name, your face. Christ died for us.

Grace is doing well. There are ups and downs but overall we’re still good. One story I wanted to share was A time prior to finding out graces diagnosis. There was a concert at a church in Toledo with members of Maverick city. I remember going putting my hands in the air and fully surrendering to the Lord. I felt drained and out of life at that moment in time. Mind you this was before graces diagnosis. The message that day was loud and clear, the joy of the Lord is your strength. My heart was so full leaving that day. The Lord really was preparing my heart. The songs they sing were like an exercise to my heart muscle. As I worshiped I felt my heart muscle growing and getting stronger. I remember the songs in the worship sets that they played in the middle of chemotherapy and moments of despair will turn into moments of joy and praise.

Final thought: The joy of the Lord was what took Jesus to the cross. The joy of the Lord is what gave him the strength to face the trials that came. The joy set before him, let him see the end. He saw our faces. He thought it was worth it, no scratch that, he knew it was worth it. please today take a moment and realize the sacrifice he made for you and me. Don’t ever forget the sacrifice and remember that he made that knowing that we would make many mistakes in our lives but he loves you so much that he wants you to be with him in heaven. He doesn’t reject you no matter what you’ve done before. All you have to do is ask him to be your savior. If you have any questions about this please feel free to email. I’m praying each of you experiences a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! He is risen.

Nehemiah 8:10

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