God is good, He is the God of Miracles

God has been performing miracles since creation. He’s never stopped and he won’t stop now.

Long Post/Stream of consciousness warning

I was thinking and praying about this being the season of miracles, when we celebrate the miracle of Jesus coming to earth to save us…

Background story: 4 years ago about this exact time we found out we were going to be blessed to welcome Grace to our family. What you have to understand is that we thought our family was complete at 6. God, the God of miracles, had other ideas. Grace, as all children are, was a miracle from God from day 1. Once we found out that she was a girl we worked on trying to name her. We believe in the importance and prophetic nature of names. (see Nehemiah Paul, Caleb Douglas, Nathanael David and Ezekiel Josiah) Grace Helen is the best and most appropriate name she could have had. She is an example of God’s Grace to all of us and to carry the example of her great grandmother is truly a blessing. Along the way, I had thought of naming Grace Mila short for Milagro the Spanish word for miracle, because that’s just what she is. We (really Joy) ended up choosing the right name for her. When Grace got diagnosed I asked some friends to help us with a blog for Grace. They asked what we wanted it to be called and I said I didn’t know. 3 hours later (they work fast) they sent us the information on miraclegracie.com. How fitting how God works. Now one of our miracles, Gracie, is synonymous with miracle Gracie. She even knows that she is miracle Gracie and comments on the bracelets from time to time. We know that her miracle is not yet complete. We know that she will continue to be a miracle to many people long after this fight. All this to say, God is a miracle working God, He is always at work, He knows best, He is always with us.

Update: Grace has now reached the effects of the chemo for this cycle. Her ANC is now 0 and she is having pain and nausea. She is handling it all well, she is so strong. The team has been expecting this and is responding quickly and appropriately. Please continue to pray for her comfort and peace.

Final thought: Our God is a God of miracles. Take some time to remember all the miracles you have already received and to pray and hope for the miracles He will continue to give you. I was listening to a song this morning that says the God can do anything except fail. Think about that, He can’t lose, hallelujah!

Isaiah 43:1-4

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