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God is good, He is Shammah

God is so good. In the Bible one of the names used for God is Yahweh Shammah which means God is there. Meaning He is


Update: We’re done with getting anymore chemo meds and also are done with chemo baths (Praise the Lord!). She got her Cells yesterday and now we’re working on side effects. She’s starting to get nauseous and have pain. All that to say, the staff continue to amaze us. They are ready always and listen constantly. They’re on our team. We’ll have testing in a couple of weeks to check for remission but it’s going to be a lot

of symptom management and attempting to get Grace up and moving. She’s a rockstar and so strong. She is a MIRACLE.

Ending thought: We just found out one of our favorite PCA’s is moving on to a different job. When he told us about it, he originally said he wasn't going tell us he was leaving because he didn't want to say goodbye. He decided (thanks to one of our favorite nurses) against that. When he came in to tell us, we were all crying. It just showed us how God’s provided special people in this season. People have been an extension of Jesus to us showing us that He is present with us always. Praying that you can sense God with you today.


Psalm 46:1

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