God is good, He is present (2 meanings)

God is with us. He will never leave us or forsake us. When we seek Him we will find Him.

Update: Celebrate our Christmas miracle with us. Grace is home!!! Her counts have come in and she is engrafted. She is still struggling with appetite and nausea but she was able to come home. Thanks to the hard work of the team she is able to get platelets as an outpatient locally. This will hopefully allow her to stay home through the holidays. Thank you Jesus for this gift and thank you all for the prayers and support. Now we are praying she gets stronger and healthier in her time home.

Final thoughts: we are rejoicing in this Christmas season with all of you. However the holidays are for you (we know holidays can bring a wide range of emotions) know God is with you and if you seek Him you will find Him! God Bless you all!

Merry Christmas!!

Jeremiah 29:12-13

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