God is good. He is our sustainer.

God sustains us through the trials of life. Many times when there’s a task or feat in life that seems insurmountable…it likely is…without God. He will sustain us through even the hardest situations in life

Update: Two meds given twice over two days ✅. Now we wait, get her stem cells, wait some more and control her pain, nausea and give her nutrition through iv or NG tube. We haven’t put the tube in yet…but it’s coming. This is honestly one of the hardest parts for Grace So please pray for her as that’s getting put down tomorrow. She’s definitely feeling the chemo today and wants to lay in bed and isn’t as lively today. The beauty of this is we’ve been through one round so we kind of know what to expect now.

Final thoughts: I have been thinking about the Lord and His provisions. One of my favorite names for God is “Jireh”. It really truly takes the concerns, needs and desires of life and turns them to God knowing He will always provide. He is Jireh…He is enough. Happy Sunday!!

Ephesians 3:20

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