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God is good He is Jireh

God is good. He is enough. He provides exactly what we need in every season.

Update: Grace has been doing phenomenal. We have her LP tomorrow morning at Nationwide to ensure remission. Her counts have gone up. She is eating and she is getting back to a normal 3 year old life. We took a trip during spring break to Florida where we got to go to some beaches and catch up with some wonderful family friends. The boys and Grace had a blast. We met up with our sweet friends from home for ice cream one day (this was such a special treat) and Our friends made the stay so pleasant and fun. Russ is one of our heroes as he’s going through chemo. It was a blessing to see him and Susie. For Gracie, next steps include working on getting her eyes better (she’s got a lazy eye from all the stuff she went through), getting her stronger.

Final thought: It took a while to post again because of getting home and all the different things that inherently come with the past few months. God has shown us how desperately we are to hold on to Him and to enjoy each day as it comes. We aren’t guaranteed anything but we can be grateful for everything. Gratitude is such a gift God has given us the ability to grasp/hold on to. Gratitude, I have come to realize, is a gift for me because it shifts my focus off of what could be to what is. It shifts my mind to peace instead of anxiety. It helps us cast our worries to the foot of the Cross rather

than holding on to them and ruining the chances we have to be in the moments God gives us.

1 Peter 5:7

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