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God is good, go write your story

God is good. Your testimony begins the day you are born and continues on even past when you leave this earth. The only reason a testimony ceases to exist is if you choose to hide it away but the Bible tells us if you choose to not glorify God the rocks will cry out. I would rather tell the story of the goodness of God than let a rock tell it for me.

Update: Bell ringing day was yesterday!!!!! 143 nights spent in the hospital since July 18, 2021. We got to ring the bell to deliver the news of being done with this round of treatment and a new chapter is starting. The tradition started in 1996 at MD Anderson. A rear admiral in the U.S. Navy, Irve Le Moyne, was undergoing radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, and he told his doctor that he planned to follow a Navy tradition of ringing a bell to signify “when the job was done.” He brought a brass bell to his last treatment, rang it several times, and left it as a donation. ( Grace, this job is done. Time to move on to the next. Tell your story. Live your story. You have shown us how good God is. Enjoy being a 3 1/2 year old little girl with an amazing testimony and enjoy the baldness a little while longer (Grace hated her hair being brushed so she’s loving the bald look). You are brave, you are strong. God is good my sweet girl. You have shown us this.

Final thought: We remember seeing the bell out on the floor and thinking about how awesome that moment will be. To be surrounded by people who have helped us through. Yesterday did not disappoint. On zoom we had hundreds and potentially thousands of people watching (schools, conference rooms, friends, prayer warriors). We had every nurse that was at work yesterday on the 12th floor, our therapy friends, my doctor friend and some of our doctors. It reminds me of the verse of having such a great cloud of witnesses. I wish I had the presence of mind and time to say something to all of you on zoom, but unfortunately Grace needed changed and I didn’t think I could get through saying anything without crying (All you would’ve heard was a high pitched eeeeeeeee😂). So now, here I tell you…thank you. Thank you for the meals, cookies, gift cards, money, books, gifts, cards, words of encouragement. Thank you for standing with us in our valleys and rejoicing with us on the mountains. Thank you for placing Gracie at the feet of Jesus on a daily basis. Thank you for holding up our arms when we couldn’t do it ourselves. Thank you for showing us what community means. Thank you for pushing us to this finish line knowing that we have many more we will still need to cross but this one was the toughest part so far. We will never be the same. We will never be able to live our days out without a sense of gratitude for you and for God’s goodness. I want to hug each and every one of you…and I hope I will someday. I want Grace to give each and every one of you a high five and a hug and I hope one day she will get to. God and His goodness got us through, time to tell the world.

We love you guys!

Song: Eye of the Tiger 😂.

And “No Doubt About It” by We the Kingdom

Isaiah 26:3

(I will continue to post things on the blog, I want to share some awesome stories and things people have told us during our time❤️❤️)

here’s a fun video my friend put together for Gracie

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