God is good…cell day #2

God is in the business of taking old and making new.

Update: today was stem cell day. Gracie has done well today! She even asked to eat today (even if she only took a bite after asking for food and leaving the rest on the tray). Everytime we do something this round, we keep saying, okay girly one more after this. She has God’s grace with her throughout this.

Ending thought: thinking about Grace getting her cells that help kick in her

bone marrow reminds me of the book of Ezekiel and the story about the dry bones. The Lord told Ezekiel to prophesy the word of the Lord (Torah) to the dry bones in the desert and they came alive. I have definitely been in places where I feel like dry bones. God’s word is healing. Speaking His Word brings me life. May you have the Spirit of the Lord speak to any dry bones you have today.

Ezekiel 37:4

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