God is good—a post of gratitude

God is good. Every good and perfect gift comes from above. The best gift, Him. His son. Salvation.

update: we’re day +7 on the bone marrow side which means she got the transplant 7 days ago. Lots of ups and downs but still, still…I repeat still, grace gives smiles and joy. Yesterday was a bit rough. Had a fever, we were concerned but the staff here…the only word I can use PHENOMENAL. She’s got three viruses but her body will be able to take care of them in No time flat when her counts start to go up. We’re So grateful for each and every one of the Staff. Today its more pain meds, pushing her to get out of bed.

Final thought: The overwhelming generosity from people has been humbling and brings tears to our eyes. I want to say thank you. Thank you for the gift cards, the monetary donations, taking our dog to the groomer, buying books for grace, Cheryl’s cookies, the sweet letters to grace, the toys, and mostly thank you for the prayers. We are not worthy, but the Lord has provided. Every single thing we get we thank the Lord for and pray He blesses whoever has blessed us. Please know one day I want to sit down with every single person who’s been a part of our village and tell you thank you in person. Until then the Lord bless you. We want to pay it forward and are looking for ways to do so. I need to add a few: taking care of our kids, taking our kids out to give them a break from the craziness, setting up blogs, sending Bible verses, sending pillow cases, giving blood. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

This reminds me of how gratitude for salvation makes me want to give to others. I want

them to have what I have. God is so good. If you don’t know Jesus, I PROMISE, you want and need to. He is the greatest gift we have ever received.

on a last note there’s a blood drive today at Madison Christian Church in Groveport, Ohio today. There will be a blood drive 2/1/2022 at Dayspring. One thing we want to do is work on increasing blood drives. Anonymous donors have given blood so Gracie can get this chemo and beat cancer. We want to be a part of giving life to others. If you cant go to either blood drive the red cross has an app and website to look up other blood drives, please consider donating blood. Luke 6:38

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