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God is good! A HUGE THANK YOU!

God is so good. He uses His people to show the world His love.

This is a little belated but this post is one of great gratitude for the blood donors from Madison Christian Church and those donating at Dayspring today. Jean White and Grandpa (Paul Barnes) helped with the Madison Christian drive. Cindy Baker, Kailey Glassford helped with Dayspring‘s drive. Thank you all! We are overwhelmed by the amount of people who have donated. I didn’t realize, when we started this journey, how much cancer patients depend upon blood donation. From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU ALL! Thank you for your time, your blood donations, (if you tried but didn’t qualify thank you for trying!)…this means so much to us!

If you couldn’t donate but would like to, look up the Red Cross website for future blood drive. There is one for Nate’s school (conneaut) in bowling green tomorrow And I believe both Dayspring and Madison Christian will be having another blood drive.

Matthew 6:20

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