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God is good

God is good. He is teacher, redeemer, healer, savior. He is everything.

update: Gracie has been home adjusting to normal life again. We came home to a sweet celebration with many we love and look forward to continuing to celebrate the excitement of a chapter finished with many more of you all. Her MRI showed no evidence of disease or recurrence. Which means one more test and she’ll be considered in remission. We continue to thank the Lord that He is giving us another day with our family.

Ending thought: Our Journey has finished with the chemo and we have been faced with a looming question of “what next”. The things this journey has taught us : 1. God is good. 2. He gives us the days we get and we have a choice of giving Him glory for the good and bad. When we give Him both, He uses both. When we say God we don’t like this but use it for Your glory…we’re moving closer to Him and His plans for our lives. 3. We are so fortunate to have the community we have. From Madison Christian to Dayspring to the Gospel House to churches in Cincinnati/Columbus/Florida/many other places to Bg Christian Academy to Conneaut Elementary to coworkers to aunts to uncles to grandparents to friends to sisters/brothers/moms/dads God has provided for us. God knows what we need and always has it ready for us. 4. This isn’t the ending of our story, just a chapter. We’re ready to be used by God however He wants. 5. We are ready to see people get saved, revivals and anything and everything God wants to do Through this. 6. The prayers of our community are like echoes. They are said and they continue through space and time. We are so grateful. We have had a few grandparents pass during this time most recently Grandpa Lyon. We are so grateful for the awesome man of God he was and for every prayer he said.

We will continue to update the blog about Gracie and our never ending gratitude for God’s goodness. Thank you for being a part of our community. Know that we are In yours too. Philippians 1:3-6

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