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God is good

Gods goodness sometimes Is even more beautiful when we reflect on our lives. In the tough moments He walks with us. In the good moments, He rejoices over us.


We are engrafting which means Gracie feels a lot better. She even walked the hallways and offered airline stewardess service with complimentary sparkly waters and starbursts. She is talking and laughing which is such a joy to see after a couple of rough weeks. Tentatively we’ll be out Wednesday or Thursday (ringing the bell on the way out!!). Remission/end of treatment testing got moved to a couple of weeks from now for a couple of reasons so we’ll update once the testing is done. God is so good. We get another day with her and He has allowed us the privilege to walk this road with her.

Song recommendation:

Nothing Left to Prove by Maverick City

Final thought: Perception is reality is a statement I have always quoted and now I realize how paramount that statement is to life. Our perceptions of circumstances can’t change what the circumstances are, but they can change how you view the why or the responses you have towards the circumstances. Loving Jesus has made this experience with Gracie, chemotherapy and the word cancer change my perception on life. I believe God can use anything for His good, even the bad. We have made friends up here that I will never forget. People have blessed us over and over again without us asking. Some of the Bible verses and stories have come to life like Pauls messages about rejoicing through affliction. There are only three words I can say to sum up my thoughts about all of this right now: God is good.

Phillipians 4:13

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