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God is good.

God is so good. It’s amazing to watch a sunset and appreciate not just the sight but appreciate the creator.

Update: Gracie girl flew through this cycle. We had a hiccup (infection As mentioned before) but literally veered right back on to the course. She’s now getting ready to go home for a 2 1/2 week break where we will get her moving, stronger and beefing her up. Everytime I see her, I see God’s image. God is good.

Ending thought: how many times in life have I been in such a big hurry that I haven’t appreciated the sunsets and simple beauties and realize the same God that created those things, created me. We are made in His image. That motivates me to glorify my God and creator in thoughts and actions. I want other people to know they are made in the image of God and thus They have access to God and can live in the wonderful beauty of being loved by God.

Genesis 1:27

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